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It's almost GEORGIA CHIN DRIP'N PEACH Time!.. Since 1977!!!!

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Citrus Varieties & Availability
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Since 1977!
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Come see our historic 1939 red barn!
2001 N. Kings Hwy.
Fort Pierce, FL 34951
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Citrus Varieties

Variety Description
Ruby Red/Pink Grapefruit Sugar-sweet, seedless
Navel Oranges No seeds, large, easy peeling stocking stuffer orange
Christmas Red Navels No seeds, easy peeling, ruby-red color
Glory Orri Mandarins Virtually seedless and super easy to peel sweet orange/mandarin
Honeybell Tangelos Rare hybrid, dripping with juice, easy peeling, fiery orange
Temples Classic, thin-skinned, easy peeling, rich flavor and amazing aroma
Tango Tangerines New easy peeling, sweet, seedless Tangerine/mandarin
Valencia Oranges Spring classic, rich golden-sweet juice, excellent when sliced for eating

Citrus Availability

Approximate Fruit Counts
(Depends on fruit size and variety.)
  All All Mixed
Size Oranges Grapefruit Oranges Grapefruit
1/5 Bushel 9-12 5-7 5-7 2-3
1/4 Bushel 12-18 8-12 8-10 3-5
1/2 Bushel 24-36 16-24 12-18 8-12
3/4 Bushel 36-54 21-36 24-36 7-12
Full Bushel 48-72 28-48 24-36 14-24


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