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Specialty Fruits & Foods

Al's Family Farms Honeybells Gourmet Fudge
Al's 100% FLORIDA Honeybells & Ruby Red Grapefruit Mixed Sharon's Homemade Gourmet Fudge Orange Blossom Honey
From $31.95 From $19.95 From $27.95
World's juicest fruit, Guaranteed!...... Plus- MORE POUNDS OF FRUIT PER TRAY Real Homemade Fudge Florida Orange Blossom Honey
Royal Minibells Harvest Quartet Crate 'O Bells
Royal MinibellsTM Harvest Quartet Crate O' Bells
From $36.95 $34.95 $44.95
Snack-sized version of Royal Honeybells A classic assortment of fruit! A beautiful crate with distinctive bells rising above!
Al's Mega-Trays Al's Family Farms Sunshine Sampler
Al's MEGA-TRAYS® Sunshine Sampler Orange Blossom Honey W/ Comb
From $44.95 From $49.95 $29.95
A MEGA-DEAL of delicious citrus! 'Double It' and get nearly DOUBLE THE FRUIT only $14 MORE! Florida Orange Blossom Honey
Al's Family Farms Uniques Original Chocolate Dipped Coconut Patties Keepsake Crates
Unique Oranges
(aka Ortaniques)
Al's Citrus Hand Cream Keepsake Crates
From $29.95 From $19.95 From $48.95
Rare Jamaican treasure found on Florida's East Coast Save up to $12 OFF the Regular Price! Florida Flavors!
Al's Family Farms Royal Honeybells Al's Unique MEGA TRAY
Navels and Bells Bee Pollen Al's Unique MEGA TRAY
From $52.95 $27.95 From $44.95
Honeybells and Navels are our two most asked for varieties. Order the combo box now and save!! Bee Pollen
Temple Tangerines Flame Grapefruit Al's Family Farms Honeybells
Temple Tangerines and/or Temples & Rubys Indian River Flame Grapefruit Al's 100% FLORIDA HONEYBELLS
From $29.95 From $30.95 From $31.95
Queen of the Crop! Available only in February! A taste that's out of this world!
Honey Bear Trio Chin Drip'n Peaches
Sunshine Tangerines Honey Bear Trio Chin Drip'nTM Peaches from Georgia
From $30.95 $29.95 From $34.95
Zipper skins and fun to eat All 3 Florida Honeys
Florida Peaches Al's Family Farms Genuine Vidalia Sweet Onions
"Early Season" Peaches from Florida Genuine Vidalia Sweet Onions
$39.95 From $18.95
LAST CALL! Order on or before 10 a.m. May 8th...FREE SHIPPING! Order early! Only available in May!

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Follow AlsFamilyFarms on Twitter Follow Us on Twitter Like Us on Facebook Like Us on Facebook Visit our Yelp page!Visit our Yelp page!
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